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A Brief Look At: Balboa Park's Desert Garden

Last Sunday we took a stroll along Balboa Park's Desert Garden, a perfect way to sip our drinks and enjoy the cool evening air. 

It's only a few steps away from the Inez Grant Park Memorial Rose Garden, and is said to hold over 1,300 plants including cacti, succulents and various desert specimens. We could name a few of the more familiar ones, such as the barrel cactus, but most of our time was spent seeing these unique-looking plants for the first time (we especially oohed and ahhed at a cluster of Dracaena Draco trees).

Although the footpath is well-worn from several visitors, you can find some solitude on the trails that wind throughout the garden. Enjoy our gallery below and make your own visit to Balboa Park's Desert Garden, located on Park Boulevard, across the street from the San Diego Natural History Museum. 

Correction: Replaced the term "type" with "plants" in the second paragraph.