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A Brief Look At: The Art of Macrame

Macrame can be translated into several forms, such as home decor and jewelry. The beauty of the craft is that there is no set of knitting needles or crochet hooks needed to create these intricate works of art. All one needs is a pair of hands and a basic knowledge of knots.

Macrame found its way throughout Europe when the Moors traveled with their decorative method of tying fringe-the original term for the art was spelled "Migramah"-and other cultures began adding to it with their own techniques. Even sailors worked with macrame, as it gave them something to do during the long hours at sea. 

The trend of macrame faded over time, but it always seemed to come roaring back, especially during the 1970s, when it came in the form of unique lampshades, clothing, and wide-eyed owls. 

Today, you can find artists breathing life into the craft. From wall hangers dipped in dye, to dream-catchers, and plant hangers holding tiny succulents-we adore the ones from A.G. Handmade-there are several reasons to include the art of macrame into any modern home. 

Soon we will be including our own variations of wall-hangings available to purchase on our Etsy site. If you're too eager to wait however, check out our tutorial for this gorgeous wall hanging we created a while back. Enjoy, and keep checking back as we come up with new things to create at Mezcla Designs.