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Green Goodness At Holy Matcha

Holy Matcha finally opened their doors to North Park last week, but it wasn't till yesterday that we were able to get our hands on its green goodness. 

Matcha green tea is the traditional form of its kind, and it's said to be a good source of energy for you too. With antioxidants, amino acids, and other benefits, this drink has become a major competitor with the beloved coffee bean.

As we walked in, we knew Geraldine Ridaura, the founder of Holy Matcha, had to be a woman after our own heart. After drooling for a minute over the gorgeous interior (That wallpaper! Those fluffy pillows and midcentury modern chairs!), we chose a simple latte on the rocks. But they also offered other creative options on their menu, such as matcha lemonade, horchata and doughnuts. 

The verdict is still out until we have a sip of that deliciously tempting horchata, but the interior is so cute, we might just have to come back. You can find Holy Matcha at 3118 University Ave., San Diego, California, 92104