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Reasons Why We Love Succulents

Hop on Pinterest, and you'll see why so many are obsessed with succulents. These juicy plants liven up outdoor gardens, appear stunning in perfectly arranged bridal bouquets and bathe our rooms in riotous colors.

Here at Mezcla Designs, we adore working with succulents for the following reasons:

5. They're affordable

Succulents are easy to find at Walmart and Home Depot, and usually go for $3 to $15 each, depending on the size.  We recommend heading to your local swap meet however, as they tend to have better deals. 

4. Many are easier to handle

If you're a little nervous about handling a prickly bunny ear, try succulents such as the aloe vera or echeveria plant first. They're easier to handle, and they still give off that cool, desert vibe. 

3. They're perfect for the home

Indoor succulents do like to grow, but with proper maintenance certain species, such as echeverias, won't block out the sun, or begin to droop over your bookshelf (although we do love a string of pearls). Try placing a few in your bookshelves and around the kitchen for an instant jungalow effect.  

2. You can use them for several projects

There are several ways to show off your succulents, whether they're sitting in a glass terrarium, surrounded by pebbles and colorful glass, or bursting out of a wall-hanging.   

1. You'll spend hours selecting just one

God knows how hard it is to pick a single orostachy from a tray of succulents, especially when there's an endless kaleidoscope of colors to choose from. Trust us, there's no shame if you decide to walk away with all of them at the end of the day. 


What's your favorite type of succulent? Let us know in the comments below!