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A Brief Look At: Mexican Furniture

Rustic. Flawed. Old Town San Diego echoes a heavy influence of Mexican culture with benches and chairs strewn around the park. They catch your eye in an instant: wooden furniture scalloped and painted, or fashioned in the traditional, crisscrossing style of equipales.

You may notice that some of their creations bear a striking resemblance to the Spanish Colonial style, with sleek curves and decorative carvings on the back.  But they are not without their own touch. Mexican design usually favors a more natural look, rather than an ornate one. Instead, their colorful hues and weathered beauty tell the story of the wood from which it was carved from. 

So if you decide to incorporate a chair or two into your event, you're in luck. These statement pieces are guaranteed to stand out, no matter what theme you’re going for. Whether it's displayed in a bohemian, country or southwest setting, your unique choice will leave a lasting impression on your guests.