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Revamping a Living Room: Our Concept

The living room is where you can stretch your legs on the sofa after a long day of work, or sink back into the softness of a favorite lounge chair. It's your place to relax. 

Co-creator Charisma Mendoza hopes that a beloved family member, the recipient of our first redesigning project, will feel this way after we're finished with hers.

We will be incorporating an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary furniture. Our concept consists of a lush interior, with a color scheme of jade, gray, white and gold to create an elegant but cozy effect. 

We found most of the vintage pieces at flea markets, antique stores, and Offer Up, including a pair of yellow Ethan Allen French Provincial armchairs we will be reupholstering with green paisley fabric. 

And we haven't forgotten the accessories. Plants such as this mother-in-law's tongue are an excellent accent for any room, as they're not only visually appealing and thrive in the shade, but they improve the air quality as well. 

Check back in a couple weeks to see the before and after pictures.