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A Brief Look at: Mexican Sugar Skulls

Forget the skulls you see on Halloween. Skulls for Día de los Muertos leave you much happier with bright colors and fun patterns. There have been several recreations of the skull, but our favorite comes in the form of sugar. Traditional sugar skulls are created with molds, sugar, water and meringue power. They are then decorated and placed on top of an alter for a departed loved one.

We found these molds at Casa Artelexia, and immediately fell in love. We chose to use a non-traditional method to make them-see here for a tutorial on how to bake sugar skulls-but the concept remains the same. After you're finished, you can decorate your sugar skulls with icing, sequins, ribbons-anything that will make it smile! 

See more ideas for your sugar skull at, and join us next week as we create our own alter for Día de los Muertos.