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For a Bohemian Home

For our co-creator, Charisma Mendoza, an empty space means a fresh start.

“It’s a work in progress,” she says in the living room of her new home. Unpacked boxes are strewn across the floor, but she sits on the sofa with her New Zealand sheepskin and Mexican falsa blanket, both found at the local swap meet. The Talavera table made by her husband, fellow creator Jesus Mendoza, holds a stack of books nearby. 

"Bohemian style allows you to mix and match patterns and textures in a way that is uniquely yours," she says. "It's a never ending treasure hunt to furnish your home." 

She offers a few tips when it comes to fashioning your home in the bohemian style: 

1. Use indoor plants to create a relaxing and space-conscious atmosphere for you and your guests. 

2. When buying furniture, consider looking for distinct pieces that will stand out.

3. Think outside the box. Simple accents, like this geode crystal, can make a room come together. 

4. Don’t have clutter. Stick to a few eye-catching pieces, and keep the rest simple.

5. Art, whether created personally or by your favorite artist, is an absolute must when decorating your walls. 

The bohemian lifestyle is one of freedom, so break away from the rules and create a space that truly reflects you.